Congratulations to YU (Ammar) and Emory for Winning the NHBT 2016 Men’s and Women’s Championships, Respectively.

Largest Jewish Basketball Tournament in America

The National Hillel Basketball Tournament brings Jewish college students from across the country together for a weekend of sport and community building. Housed annually at the University of Maryland Hillel, the Hillel Basketball Tournament encompasses a memorable weekend where students from Hillel Houses from across the country compete for the prized ‘Kiddush Cup.’ Between the events, activities and basketball games, this weekend is truly one to be a part of.


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  • "Welcome to this years National Hillel Basketball Tournament"

    Kevin Blackistone
    Kevin Blackistone American Sports Journalist and Professor
  • “NHBT is exciting, remarkable and an extraordinary  event”

    David Stern
    David Stern Former NBA Commissioner
  • "Wishing Mazal Tov to NHBT on a great Tournament...May the best team win"

    Dominique Wilkins
    Dominique Wilkins Hall of Famer and Basketball Legend